President Eisgruber's Statement on Professor Perry Arrest

Feb. 10, 2016

In my experience over many years at this University as a student, faculty member, and as provost and president, I have been reminded again and again that fundamentally we are a community. As a community, it is important that we care for each other and support each other, especially in trying times. These certainly have been trying times for Professor Perry and her colleagues and friends, as they have been for all members of this community who know and admire her. 

As I mentioned in my February 9 letter to the Daily Princetonian, Dean of the Faculty Debbie Prentice and I were both in touch with Professor Perry over the weekend to offer her assistance and support. Dean Prentice has continued to talk with her about what we can do to help. I had an opportunity to talk with her again myself earlier today. Other offices have also offered to be helpful, as I know have many individual members of our community, including faculty, staff, and students. I appreciate the efforts of all who have offered their support.

The town has initiated an independent investigation through the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office. We will continue to encourage our local officials to conduct as thorough and fair a review as possible, and to look not only at what occurred during this particular incident, but more generally at the principles, guidelines, and values that govern law enforcement as well as other forms of civic engagement in our community.