Letter to the Daily Princetonian about Professor Perry Arrest

Feb. 9, 2016

To the Editor:

Many on our campus and around the country have expressed understandable concern about the arrest this past weekend of Professor Imani Perry, who is a respected scholar and beloved teacher at this University.  They have been shocked that such an arrest could result from unpaid parking tickets.  They have also been distressed about specific aspects of the arrest, including the fact that a pat-down was performed by a male officer and that Professor Perry was handcuffed to a desk after her arrest.

I share these concerns.  My colleagues and I in the University administration were in touch with Professor Perry as soon as we learned of the incident and we contacted town officials about our concerns over the weekend.  The town officials responded rapidly and initiated an investigation that they have assured us will be thorough and fair.  We welcome an investigation not only of the treatment of Professor Perry, but of the underlying policies, practices, and protocols that were applied.

We share with the town a commitment to fair treatment of all members of our community and of making the entire Princeton community as welcoming, respectful, and inclusive as possible.  We will continue to look for opportunities to advance those goals on our own campus and beyond it.

Christopher L. Eisgruber